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Green Frog Day #2 Yuck, Paperwork and Yummo Dinner

Today my green Frog is most definitely the paperwork for my Dad’s estate. I HATE this stuff. Particularly the insurance part. I REALLY don’t like insurance companies. You pay your premiums for years, then when you die and your family tries to collect, they make it as difficult as humanly possible. I can’t believe the hoops they make you jump through.

But the good news is that the day ended on a high note…slightly inebriated, but nice!

Had dinner at The Back Wine Bar in Folsom. We’ve eaten there before, but don’t remember being impressed. Tonight was different. Great wine, great dinner, fabulous dessert.

I took pictures but I can’t get them to upload – ruh-ro…

Check back tomorrow and see if I was able to get them up? I’m so excited to share them with you and so bummed I’m running into a problem! BUT, the show must go on…


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