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JULY??? I Demand a Recount!

There is no way it can be July already! Someone must have stolen the last half of June and I want it back!

Today was going to be the roll out of “Green Frogs” month (working on all the projects that I don’t want to do!) It sounded like SUCH a good idea at the time! And I really am going to do it, just not today.

Today I am recuperating from the HELL-acious trip from down south in a Budget truck.

My sister lives in the house my parents owned down in Southern California and had a piano she thought I might like to have for the grand kids. I thought that would be nice for them to have the piano handed down from their great grandmother. We have so few “heirlooms” in our family. And it WAS a good idea. The execution was just flawed!

The plan was for my sister and I to share the driving back up, but the truck had a scary amount of give in the steering wheel and it was hard to keep it on the road. So I opted to experience the terror of it all myself, rather than inflict it on her.

Truth be told, the need to drive slow only cost us an additional one hour over how long it should have taken to get here, but it was one of the longest trips of my life!

Long story short, we made it alive, the heirloom is in place in it’s new home, and all’s well.



Somehow that FEELS like a green frog, so can we count it?

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