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Paper Challenge Day #28 (or not!) and Green Frogs…

I’ve pretty much fallen down on the job as far as my Paper Challenge goes. Life has gotten away from me again, and my efforts to get into the scary room have met with little success. I THINK about it a lot, I just don’t quite make the transition from thought to action.

It’s not that I don’t have a lot of ideas or interest in doing it, because I do. I just can’t make myself get in there. Part of it is the overwhelming lack of organization (read: MESS!) I need a couple of solid days to basically gut it and start over, but I don’t have that kind of time. Life (the FUN stuff!) keeps me from dedicating a couple of straight days to working on it.

One weekend we were up in Mt. Shasta, moving the last of our stuff out of our old house. Last weekend it was birthday celebrations, this weekend it will going down to L.A. to visit my sister, the weekend after that she’ll be up here with me and we’re going to take a little trip to San Francisco…It’s all good stuff. Stuff I WANT to do. But it keeps me from restoring the order I seem to need in order to get in there to create!

So, my mind is wandering toward my next challenge, and I think I’ve figured out what I want to do.

July is going to be primarily “Green Frog Month.”


You’ve heard the saying “If you eat a green frog the first thing every day, nothing worse can happen the rest of the day…” So, a green frog is my metaphor for not only the unpleasant things I need to do, but things I’m just dragging my feet on. I will be identifying those green frogs laying around the rest of this month, then July will be my month for disposing of them. “Disposing of them” may mean finishing projects, tossing unfinished ones that no longer interest me, making repairs as needed, AND getting that scary room cleaned up at least to the point where it’s usable!

Maybe once the weight of all these frogs are off my back, I’ll be able to get back to producing!



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