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Paper Challenge Day #24 – Scrapbooking and Washi!

Busy family day, but I found time to work on a project this evening!

I did a post a few days ago titled “61 Random Things I Love At 61” and I’m taking those words and doing a scrapbook layout for my birthday.

I haven’t decided on the pictures I’ll be using yet, but I got the title and the “61 things” laid out.


When I get going on a page like this, I have so much fun it makes me wonder why I have such a hard time getting up for working on my scrapbooks!

ESPECIALLY when I have new toys to play with.

A few days ago my friend Lori, fellow mixed media artist, was raving about a wonderful place she’d found to order washi tape. Have you heard of it? I’ve worked with paper ribbon before, but not washi, which is kind of an upscale paper ribbon. The designs are classier, and the washi tape is a little easier to work with.

ANYWAY, I TRIED to resist, I really did. I have SO many supplies I need to use up. But, I made the mistake of going to the Etsy store she ordered from just to “look.” Yeah, right! As I was “looking” a bunch of rolls jumped into my cart. What’s a girl to do? Once they were there I felt obligated to complete the purchase. Oh, they are soooooo yummy.


Now I just have to figure out what the best use is for my little treasures.


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  1. Um, hello?!?! What is the store she recommended? You know I have a love affair with washi…


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