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Paper Challenge Day #23 -I Can Read!

I kinda got side-tracked from my paper projects with my birthday posts, so I’m thinking I need to get back to it.

I worked on several things today.

First, I got out the “cinch” machine I bought a few months ago, and put away without using it. I played around and taught myself to use it, ultimately punching all the pages for my Radical Wellness class in preparation for binding them when I’m done.

It’s a pretty cool little machine. It punches the holes, then cinches down the spiral wire to make a book.


Last week I got the 2 little ones going on their “learn to read” books. I did one for Hannah when I was teaching her to read, and Bea and Josh want their own, which just tickles me. I waited until Hannah had a lot of words learned before coming up with the idea.



The little ones are working on their flash cards for the “dolce” sight words.


Then as they learn them, I do a little few word page for them using the words, and they illustrate them. I’m starting earlier – with just a few words under their belts, so the stories will be simpler to begin with. Today I got the holes punched on their completed pages, and got the books started. The covers still need some decoration and to be laminated.




Neither one of them could wait to show their parents that they could actually READ a little story!

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