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Age Gracefully? I Think Not.

I considered it, as I sat around in my recliner recovering from my numerous ailments that were seemingly conspiring to make me an old lady before my time. But I don’t think it’s for me.

I see these perfectly coiffed, elegantly dressed elderly ladies from time to time, and wonder what it would be like to be like that. Then I laugh. It’s so not me. I’ve never been perfectly coiffed or elegant a day in my life, and I see no reason to start now.

Nor am I going to dawn a housecoat or hide out in a mumu or cut my hair short and let it go gray or hang out at the senior center and play bingo.

I’ve already embraced skinny jeans, now I’ve gotten my first short-ish flouncy skirt that I’m wearing with either cute sandals or sassy cowgirl boots! I’m loving’ it. Yeah, my legs could stand to be a little thinner (as could the rest of me!) but ya know what? I’m not getting any younger – and I’m not waiting any longer. I want to wear cute clothes, and I’m going to do it. I’m through worrying about whether or not “people” think my choices are age appropriate or not.


Coincidentally, as a part of the Radical Wellness class I’m taking, our fearless leader suggested that one of the things we really need to consider doing as we’re working our way through the class, is to start “dressing up” and it resonated with me. So, as I’m thinking about getting on with dressing to please myself, it comes up in my class…I love it when validation like that pops up!

But this goes beyond just dressing up. It’s an attitude.

I’m not going to allow myself to curl up and get old. I’m going to continue to think young and act young – I’m going to squeeze as much outta this life as I possibly can, and I’m not going to do it from a recliner. I may have to succumb to old age some day, but I’ll be goin’ down kicking and screaming.

She says bravely! Yowza!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Go girl! I still haven’t embraced skinny jeans and I never will-I wish they would just disappear! I give you lots of credit Janet. I agree with you – I also don’t want to turn into an old granny just because my age tells me to. Inspiring! Thanks:)


    • Unless you’ve tried them with a variety of tops, Jill, don’t give up. They easily take off 10lbs, and are incredibly comfortable. Glad I could inspire, but you’re just a babe! You have plenty of time before you have these worries!


  2. Amen Sister! I love your blog quite often because we seem to share so many things in common. However this installment takes the cake! It is such fun to know that there are others made of the same bowl. God surely knew better than to put us in the same neighborhood. We would have way too much fun together. Thanks for your candidness.

    • Well, rats! Sounds like fun to me!


      • It is! The Sun is up. So am I! Coffee is brewed and I am ready to partake and then head out to water all the lovelies. Among which there is a lovely sedum/rock garden inspired earlier by yours. I think of you quite often as I tend it. So have a super day and know at least one other “tattered n worn” senior is doing her part to enjoy the golden day ahead with you.

      • Oh, Deborah, how sweet! I’m so glad you started a succulent garden, too! They are so fun! I am loving watching mine grow and change. Would love to see a picture of yours!


      • To take a gander of the new sedum rock garden….go to my blog ( ) and scroll down to the entry titled “Change”. Look for the 3rd or 4th picture down from the top. The garden is made out of an old timber stairs that used to connect our upper and lower yard. Before our house fire it was flanked by two huge blue spruce cedars.

      • Looks nice. Thanks for sharing!


  3. What a fine example you are for so many! Way to go.

  4. Good for you, Janet! I think the skirt looks adorable. You’re never too to enjoy a twirly skirt.


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