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Paper Challenge Day #18 – Birthday Week/Gaga’s Art Classes!

Well, in just a few days, I will be turning 61 (you don’t know how bad I wanted to be typing 31!) I don’t know why I’m still counting, because there is a total disconnect going on in my brain. Intellectually I KNOW I really am that old, but if I ignore the various aches and pains, and avoid mirrors, (oh, and forget I have grandchildren!)  it just doesn’t seem real.

I still have the same zest for living I had many, many years ago. I am not so stuck in my ways I can’t appreciate new ideas. I love having new experiences and seeing new places, and still enjoy learning new things, mastering new technology.

BUT, reality is reality, so aging will be on my mind this week. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about it. There is still much I don’t know, but one thing I know for sure, “Old age is not for sissies!”

Moving right along, today was art camp at Gaga’s day care! The girls were working on their ATCs and Josh wanted to do some, too!



Bea’s is the big watermelon, Hannah’s the one on the table, and Josh’s the small one.

Next up were their Flat Fannies and Flat Felix! All 3 did great jobs, and their pals are ready to go on summer adventures, where they’ll be photographed having fun, and posted on the Flat Fanny Facebook page. This is for kids and grown-ups alike…ANYONE can participate, so if it looks like fun to you, check it out!




Okay, so I wasn’t the one doing the art today. But I was facilitating it, and that’s almost as good. Ha! Who am I kidding? It’s way better!

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  1. Happy birthday, Janet! I am so so so glad we have met.

    • Thanks, Naomi! Me, too! I am working on a post based on your “38 Things You’ve Learned in 38 Years” post! Thanks for being such a discouragement to me.



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