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Paper Challenge Day #14 – A Lightbulb Moment

Today was a good day. Nothing amazing happened. I did some art in the morning, and had the kids in the afternoon. Then a little more art in the evening. Pretty much an ordinary day, so what made it  so good?

I’m being kind to myself. I haven’t said a bad word to myself all day. I’ve been patient with my shortcomings, accepting of my limitations. I’ve pushed myself a little, but gently. I’ve said “atta girl” several times. It is downright amazing what a difference it can make in a day. A real lightbulb moment for me.

And to what do I owe this new gentleness?

Radical Wellness. Believe it or not.

I’ve never in my life used art to heal myself. Never. I’ve read self help books, taken seminars. But this class is different. I am so enjoying writing all the negative stuff out, then covering it up with beauty. Why it makes a difference is beyond me. I know the mean words are there, but something about using them as a building block to get to the encouraging words works for me. Who knew?

Yesterday I showed you the beginnings of my first page. Today I finished it.


But, the more I looked at it, the more I wished I had done her with blond hair. So, I took, what for me was, a brave step and started that side of the page over. I was a bit nervous, because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do one that I liked as well. But, aside from the fact that the words on her hair don’t show up as well, I’m pleased.




I suspect I’ll be deviating from the class and adding more pages to my journal. Now that I’ve discovered the joy of art journaling, I want to add more encouragement for myself than what the class calls for. Not that there isn’t lots, but some of it is in the form of a workbook, and I think I’ll be doing some of the workbook in the journal. I like to freelance like that!

But in addition to how thrilled I am with the “wellness” component of this class, finally taking the first step in learning to do faces has me over the moon. Woohoo!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. This sounds like a *wonderful* workshop. Wish I’d signed up for it! Welcome to the joy of art journaling, Janet!

    • Thanks, Rainy! I wish I had been brave enough to try them sooner. And I wish you were taking the class too! If you decide to do it later, I think you’ll be impressed.


  2. Love this page, Janet!!


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