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Paper Challenge Day #11 – Bank Purgatory

I had no idea yesterday when I was so excited about having the morning free for my paper challenge today, that the paper involved would have bank logos all over it.


I THOUGHT I was just going to run down to the bank and clear up a problem with my dad’s trust account. But it turned into a nearly 4 hour horror show. What I thought was a simple oversight on the bank’s part, dominoed into an unbelievable battle against not one, but two bureaucracies who couldn’t care less about the irrationality of their procedures, or their inability to provide even the pretense of good customer service.

Needless to say, I lost the battle. Even though I did nothing wrong, I had to jump through all their ridiculous hoops to straighten out mistakes made by both institutions.

I eventually got it all straightened out (I think.) But it left me feeling like these banks are not only too big to fail, but they are just plain old too big. When an institution is so big that its various divisions have no ability to share information, and cannot communicate with each other, it’s too big.

I’m not always crazy about my credit union, but they are small enough to solve problems quickly and with a minimum of hassle. I’m closing the accounts at the big banks, and moving them to my credit union. It can’t happen fast enough to suit me. The big banks won’t miss my business, so it’s not like this move will hurt them, but it sure makes me feel better. Maybe if enough people get fed up, they’ll mend their ways.

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  1. Good for you ,Janet! I am very loyal to any business that knows how to treat people. When they don’t, like you, I’m outta there. It doesn’t cost them anything to be polite and respectful. How can they not know that? Sorry you had to waste so much creative time. It’s so frustrating to be on a creative roll and have your time eaten up by idiots. XO!

    • I wish it was just a case of lack of politeness. They were plenty polite as they told me I would have to be the one to fix their mistake! If “I” were running the bank, I would apologize all over the place, send the customer home with a $5.00 gift certificate to Starbucks for their trouble, then do the leg work to fix the problem and let the customer know when I’d done it.

  2. This just happened to me too…. our bank somehow added some other people’s names and address to our account. Um… really???


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