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Paper Challenge Day #8 – Cheater, Cheater!

Okay, I need to tell you right off the bat, I’m cheating a little today.

I have been getting ready for our garage sale all day – crazy hard work – the last step in actually moving away from Mt. Shasta. We physically moved seven years ago, but because we kept the house as a vacation house, we were able to leave all the stuff we accumulated in the 25 years we lived there in the house. No decisions had to be made.

But, the reality is, 4 1/2 hours is too long to drive for a weekend get-away, and with all the kids activities, getting away for any length of time during the summer is impractical. So we finally made the decision to rent the house out (to a family friend) and had to get our stuff out. Since we down-sized in our new house, we just don’t have room for all the things we’d like to take with us, and a large garage sale (practically an estate sale!) was in order. We put it off as long as we could, and this weekend was it.

So. Major decision time. What can we keep, and what do we need to let to go? I knew it was going to be hard, but I didn’t realize just HOW hard. Oh, my. We raised our family there. Our grandchildren love going there, still. As I dragged the barstools out, I noticed the cut in one of the seats that I made with my jig saw over 20 years ago, as I was using it to support the wood I was cutting. There is the “magic toybox” that we put a treasure in for each of the kids when they came to visit, a vintage door that I’m crazy about, a sign that was on the front porch for many years…all things I would love to keep, but have to let go if we are to live in the space we have.

We’re bringing quite a bit home – we like the recliners we have up there better than the ones we bought for the new house. The patio chairs I can make room for, a framed poster and dolphin wall sculpture will find a home on the wall in the garage. My daughter is going to take a table or two, and the darling elf village we set up every year when she was a kid – the girls will love it, but I have no place to store it, let alone set it up. And there are a few other odds and ends. But, the rest has to go. It’s only stuff, I tell myself. There is some stuff we can’t believe we held onto, but some is stuff I loved – no, love. I’ve teared up a few times already. I’m hoping that tomorrow, seeing things go to new homes will make it easier to say goodbye to them.

Anyway, that is all to explain why, for my paper challenge today, the best I can do is cut out “Flat Fanny” and read few pages of a book before I fall asleep, exhausted…


Yeah, it’s a bit of a cheat. But it really IS the best I can do.

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