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Paper Challenge Day #7 – Bea’s Page

I love these days when something I need to do anyway works in with my project a day paper challenge.

Today it was a scrapbook page for Bea’s preschool. She is graduating this year (heading for kindergarten!) and one of the mom’s is putting together the Class of 2013 scrapbook with a theme of “Dreaming of Soaring.” They gave us a sheet of patterned paper, a few star stickers and a directive to have the child dictate an ending to the sentence “I love Joy of Children Preschool because…” and write their name in their own writing some place on the page. Then we were to put it all together with a few pictures. Otherwise we were on our own.


I have to admit, it initially stoked my competitive instincts a bit, but I reined myself in (largely because I didn’t have a lot of time) and went with a simple page. I think it turned out pretty cute.


But it’s Bea whose opinion matters most, and she loved it!


Can’t believe my little worm is heading to kindergarten already!

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  1. It’s so amazing to me how time passes so quickly upon retrospect. Of course, today seems to last forever.


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