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Paper Challenge Day #6 More Thank Yous and a Sneak Peek

I had so much fun going through my photos looking for one to use for my thank you card yesterday, that I decided to use my limited art time today to try some more. I love them!

But I’ll tell you, my crazy me thought I should perhaps bundle 4 of them and tie with a sweet ribbon and a sprig of lavender and sell them on Etsy. The rational me ditched that thought quickly!

Yesterday I did this:


Then today added this,




and this!


The envelopes (although I haven’t made them yet) will match them, like the one from yesterday!

Thankfully I need a ton of them, so I should get tired of making them long before I run out of my immediate need, so there will NO REASON to think that I need to make them to sell!


As for my sneak peek – I will be doing a summer long challenge with my girlies over at National Letter Writing Month. The Founder (Lindsay Ostrom) hostesses this additional challenge by providing us a patten for a lovely paper doll “Flat Fanny” and her friend “Flat Felix” then you take them with you on vacation or even just around town and photograph her and send the photos to Lindsay who will post the most interesting ones on her blog.

That girl got around last summer, and it’s going to be interesting to see where she ends up this year.

This challenge is open to whoever would like to participate, so if you’re interested in participating, head over to Lindsay’s blog and download her!

Flat fanny

Hope you’ll join us. It should be fun.

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