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Paper Challenge Day #5 – A Simple Thank you!

Tuesdays and Thursdays are now officially my “I’m not getting any art done during the day” days. So I’m going to either cut myself some slack on my paper projects or plan on those being “make a quick card” days. Since when you give me an inch I take a mile, we’d best go with making cards. If I give myself a single day off, who knows how long it will be before I get back to it. I swear, I can’t turn my back on myself for a minute!

So tonite, after a morning of swimming and a few errands (I NEEDED paint brushes!) with one kiddo, an afternoon of all 3 squealing kiddos (squeals of joy, thank you Jesus!) and dinner for 5 thrown together, I’m ready to settle down and break out the paper!

Only the inspiration is not coming. I sit and I sit and I sit, and nothing. My mind wanders to how much easier the flower challenge was because all I had to do was take pictures! And that led to thinking about the ATCs I did yesterday using one of my photographs, and that led to a light bulb moment – I could use the photographs of the flowers in my garden to make simple cards.

Why not?

Lots of cards are just photographs. And there are some of mine that are not half bad.

So, I started with a blank card and envelope, a photocopy of one of my flower pictures, a scrap of purple paper, a purple sharpie, a pair of deckle scissors, purple ink, and next thing I know I have a card. Doesn’t get much easier than that!


Now we’re talkin’. With 38 more to make as quickly as possible, this is very promising!

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  1. Wow! Those cards look amazing! I’m impressed. Why do you have to make so many?


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