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Paper Challenge Day #3 – Hittin’ the Patron

Today was a rockin’ day in the studio. From the minute I sat down ’till the minute I had to get up to head out for a cooking party, I was on a major roll. The ideas were hitting fast and furious – faster than I could get them onto paper. I just LOVE days like that!

All the energy was funneled into my Happiness Art Journal – got a few pages completed and the base coat done for several more. I have been just amazed how much the transition from canvas to journal has helped with my loosening up and experimenting. It must have something to do with knowing I’m not ruining canvases, and being able to tear a page out if I really screw it up enough that I can’t salvage it.

I started by prepping several pages.


Then I got into finishing some pages whose backgrounds were completed earlier.



I can’t decide whether I like the backgrounds or the finish work best. But it doesn’t really matter. I can hardly wait to get back in there again, whichever I’m doing!


This afternoon my big girls (daughter and daughter-in-law) and I headed out for another Wildtree cooking party at our friend Heather’s house. It was so fun, and we came away with more recipes and spices. The Pineapple Jalapeno jam on cream cheese with crackers was our very favorite. (I have to confess I bought two jars!)

But the highlight of the party was when one of the other girls got the “Patron Cafe” out of the freezer and we started doing shots. Oh, my! It was soooooooooo good! And I’ve  never even HEARD of it! How can that be?


We left the party (after being there much longer than we anticipated!) and headed right for Bev Mo’ where we bought our own before heading home.

I now have a cute little bottle of Patron Cafe chilling away in my freezer. Is it cocktail hour yet? (It MUST be somewhere!)

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  1. Yummmm!!!


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