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Paper Challenge Day #2

Yikers! I can’t believe I’m going to flake out on Day #2!  No way! Okay, I’m going into the studio right now! Surely I can do SOMETHING! But, I’m tired, and my head’s a little fuzzy. Skipping one day wouldn’t be so bad would it? Nope! I’m going to do it.

I still have about 40 thank you cards to write for all the goodies I received during the April letter-writing challenge (yeah, I’m waaaaaaay behind on that one!)  so if I have any chance of getting them done before NEXT April, I’m going to have to come up with some simple designs I can do quickly.


Okay, it’s not gunna make it into a Somerset Magazine, but after a crazy busy day (and a little too much Maui Blanc wine) it’ll get the job done. One down 39 to go. AND, even on a crazy day I followed through on my commitment to do something with paper every day, and I feel good about that. It would have been easier to rationalize how it was okay to skip it today. I feel good about that.

See ya tomorrow! I’ll do better, I promise.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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