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June 1st – My New Challenge

Yikes! The new month snuck up on me and here I am without a defined challenge for this month! Or at least I don’t right this minute, but I’m hoping as the post progresses I’ll have talked myself into something I have at least a remote chance of following through on!

But as I’m working my way through that, I want to give you an update on a project I mentioned a couple of weeks ago – getting my blog in book form. My first book came yesterday and I’m in love! It is beautiful. I only did the first year (2011) because I wanted to see what it looked like in person before committing to doing the whole thing AND, it’s not cheap, so I need to spread it out a little so I don’t break the bank.


For the front cover I selected a picture of me from the year 2011


For the back cover I settled on my 1st mixed media piece, since delving into mixed media was my biggest accomplishment of the year.


The interior pages are copies of my blog including pictures. I’m just so thrilled with how it came out.



For any of you who have your own blogs, I would HIGHLY recommend backing your blog up with something like this! It just would be a shame to lose all those years of what amounts to a life journal, PLUS, it is an amazing feeling to see yourself in print, even if not another soul in the world sees it! Not to mention I have to admit I like reading my own writing, and it’s even more fun in an actual book than on-line.

So, just as I had hoped, my mind was processing my challenge problem as I typed, and I came up with the perfect solution for me…

I need cards, I’m working on art journals (notice that’s gone from journal to journalS) and I need to get some scrapbooking done, so this months challenge will be “paper crafting!” I’m committing to myself that I will do a paper project every day this month. With 3 different options, I should be able to keep myself engaged!

Today (in my spare time! Heeheehee!) I’ve added another base layout to my “Happy” journal, and come up with more ideas on things I want to add to the journal, including a saying I’ve modified to fit “happy” instead of “life,” several sayings that work into it, and some wise words I’ve discovered will increase my happiness quotient.


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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I am amazed at how awesome it looks! I am definitely doing this the hard way and it’s taking for.e.ver. Your book looks great!!

    • Thanks, Naomi. As good as it looks in the pictures, it’s even more beautiful in person. I’m very pleased, and will be doing the rest, too. I’m glad I discovered it before I had 8 years to do!



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