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Flower Month Day #28 / Use Your Words!

“Use your words!”

How many times have you found yourself saying that to a child in the midst of a screaming fit or having hit someone?

And now, having seen all the wonderful Memorial Day tributes over the past few days, I’m wondering why we grown ups don’t take that advice ourselves?

“Use your words.”

I posted on Facebook today:

I’m dreaming of an America where not one more serviceman/woman will need to die in war. Where we will finally learn to settle our disputes using reason and words instead of violence. I know it’s naive.
But I dream it anyway.


What are the chances?  But it’s a great aspiration, isn’t it? A world where people discuss and compromise, and learn to live with each others ideals instead of forcing their will on others. Where we live and let live. Where we don’t settle our differences with violence. Where aggression is something our “forefathers” participated in, but is socially unacceptable now.

We can’t even do it within our own borders, let alone in the larger world.

But I dream it anyway. Especially on Memorial Day.


And, for Flower Month Day #28 (yikes! Almost to the end of the month already!) I’m spotlighting my Lobelia. It comes in several colors and even styles, and I love them all.


I had all but given up on it, because the voles ADORE it. Last year I would plant it one day, and the next day it would be nibbled down to the nubbins, or just gone altogether. We even got to the point that we were baiting the vole traps with it!  This year, I have seen no evidence of voles at all, so I’m trying again, and so far, so good. Should they show up again, I’ll replant it in containers, but I hope it won’t be necessary. I really like how it looks trailing over rocks in the flower beds.


What ever are you going to do when the month is over and you don’t get these daily lovelies?

I’m so excited for tomorrow’s post – I arted! Woohoo!

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