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Flower Month Day #27

Normally I’m not a huge fan of marigolds, as they are so COMMON. But some of the varieties are quite pretty, and even a little unusual. I love the orangey rust color and the little ripples along the edges.

They make for a nice splash in my annual beds. What there are left of them. Yikes! I guess I’m not over this yet!


Lori’s Flower Month Challenge has gotten me back in the blogging-every-day mode, and I’m loving it. I haven’t found an organized challenge for June yet, and if I don’t I think I’m going to make one up for myself! I’m involved in a writing group, and I’m needing to do a bunch of homemade cards… Maybe I’ll do a card a day! I wonder if I could be disciplined enough to do that!?

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  1. I have to say that I’m not a big fan of marigolds, either; but Mr. Cottage wants them every year so I just go with the flow. Glad you’re enjoying blogging every day. I challenged myself last year to do this for the entire year and for the most part, I almost did. Now I’ve really slacked off, but I’ve been crazy busy ever since we returned home and I’m thinking the rest of this year could be just as insane.

    • Sorry things are so nuts for you right now. Hopefully after the house sells and y’all figure out where to land, things will calm down! The good news on marigolds is that some bugs really don’t like them and stay away.



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