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Flower Month Day #26 / What’s With This Team Crap?

For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, my beautiful garden was not the picture of domestic tranquility. In fact, it was the scene of a domestic dispute.

Normally, Mr. Tattered doesn’t have too much to say about the garden. It has pretty much been my domain. I designed it, and for the most part executed it, although he did provide some much needed “man”power when it was going in. But mostly, I do what I want. And I like it that way.

But today…well, today he decided it was time to let it be known he wasn’t happy with the direction I was going with my latest foray into expanding the annual bed. I was encroaching into the area he thought he needed for being able to prune his plum tree. The plum tree “I” suggested he plant there because I know how much he loves plums, and knew I had taken most of the available space in the backyard and wanted to share.

Turns out THAT was a big mistake. Who knew he would need so much room to tend it? I figured as long as he could get a ladder close to it, we’d be fine. But no. Suddenly 360 degree access is required.

I had put dozens of hours of back-breaking work into something that was now causing a problem. Rather than pitch a hissy (which, believe me was what I WANTED to do) I set about figuring out how to mitigate the damage. Fortunately, all the planting I’d done was recent, so nothing had had a chance to really root yet. While I was flaming mad on the inside, I was able to calmly start taking my beautiful new bed apart, and make a smaller space, allowing a bigger clearing for “him” to work in. (When what I WANTED to do was to start ripping it up and throw things. Or, better yet, rip out every plant and let him have an ugly, utilitarian backyard.) But, we are a team, after all. And teammates have to work together (I told myself through clenched teeth.) And, theoretically it is his backyard, too (again, through clenched teeth.) Plus, if I did what I REALLY wanted to do, I would be the one unhappy in the end. He’d be fine. This being a grown up thing sorta sucks sometimes.

I worked until I was exhausted. I’m not fond of the new configuration, but I’ve identified other areas that I can change around to house more annuals, and that won’t be in the way of places he “needs” to work.

I have a feeling I’m going to be pissy about this for awhile. But, I’ll get over it eventually. In the meantime, things are a little tense. And I’m good with that.

When I finally came in, I made “him” one of his favorite dinners, complete with homemade mango and Maui Onion salsa. Don’t ask me why. He most certainly did not deserve it. But then again, how blessed we are that we don’t always get what we deserve. Maybe it was my way of saying “I love you even when you’re a pain in my…”

So, my flower for the day is a watermelon diascia. It is in a tin pail that escaped my wrath today, as it is portable and can be moved to another location.


Lucky for it.

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