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Flower Month Day #23

Hi, there! It’s day #23 of Flower Month! I can’t believe how fast it’s going by!

Today I’d like you to meet my hot red Dahlias…


I planted them in pots this year instead of the ground in hopes of keeping the snails away from them, and so far it’s working!

Have I ever mentioned (or confessed?) that I am a major t.v. junkie?

It’s true. I watch more shows on a regular basis than I care to admit. Now, I’m not the typical t.v. junkie, ‘cuz I don’t just sit and watch mindlessly. I’ve always got something goin’ on at the same time – knitting, typing away on the computer (like now!) working on a project of some kind. But the t.v. is on, and I’m paying attention, even though I’m multi-tasking.

Most of the network shows are going through their season finales right now, and man are some of them leaving me on the edge of my seat.

But then there’s the letdown. My shows are over. For months.

The good news? I watch a lot of cable shows, too, and they are just starting their new seasons! I think I have a dry week or so, then back to the fun!

The bad news? One of my favorite shows probably isn’t coming back. Smash. Not my typical type of show, but for some reason it hooked me, and I’m going to miss it a lot.

A friend on my Facebook feed today mentioned not even having a t.v. I can’t even imagine.

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