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Flower Month Day #21 / More New Beginnings

Let’s start with new beginnings…

Yesterday I signed up for an e-course that began today. I know. I said it was going to be a long time before I signed up for another course for a long time knowing how I rarely follow through with actually DOING them. But this one seems different. It came about at JUST the right time, just as I was getting back into the groove and moving forward. And it’s called “Radical Wellness.” What could be more perfect for me right now?

The course was developed by Tamara Laporte, the same gal that does “Lifebook,” the class I seem to sign up for every year and not do. Oy. I just love her energy. Anyway, she’s going through many of the same things I am in terms of wanting to get on track to a healthy life. So she developed the course and now is doing the work right along with us.

AND, I downloaded the pdf, and actually completed the work for the 1st day. Yay, me!

If you are interested in the course, you can find out about it at Registration is closed for this class, but she’ll be offering again later in the year.

Getting work done, starting a wellness program…will wonders never cease?

Meanwhile, back in the garden…


…Cosmos is the star right now. I think hot pink is becoming my go-to color in the garden. I swear red is still my favorite, but if I want variety, I’ve gotta go with what nature provides!

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