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Flower Month Day #19 / Marathon Gardening!

So happy to see you on day #19 of Flower Month!

I spent most of the day out in the garden. In addition to the normal planting and watering, today I got into pruning mode, something I rarely do. One corner of the garden is primarily perennial bushes. They are such prolific bloomers that I really hate cutting them back and have let them get way outta control. I hadn’t intended to do so much. The plan was to cut back some of the cottage roses and perhaps a bit of the Lavatera. But, after doing them, the lilac bush looked particularly shabby. You know how when you get a new couch all of a sudden the carpet and window treatments look bad?

Next thing I knew, I had cut way more than would fit in the “green” receptacle and had to start a pile that will be around for almost 2 weeks. Yuck.

By the time I pruned and cleaned up the debris in the yard I was beat, but, I hadn’t even touched the plants I had intended to get planted, so pushed myself to keep going. These days that is no easy feat. I felt like a marathon runner hitting the wall and willing myself to push through it (cue up the Rocky music! – I can get a little dramatic sometimes!) Several hours later I had extended the annual bed a few more feet, fed the birds (again!) and finished my watering. Yay me!

Today I’d like you to meet my Verbena. It’s a gorgeous hot pink.


This is one of my newer plantings, and I’m anxious to see how far it spreads during the season.

Tomorrow, I’m back out to the garden again. I love how it’s shaping up, but it was such a mess there is still so much to do! I’m feeling the pull to get other parts of my life shaped up, but I’m having so much fun that I’m obsessing a bit (who me?)

Hope you’re enjoying your favorite obsession this beautiful weekend!

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    • Thanks, Connie! I’m at a crossroads – I can either sit back and get old and decrepit, or I can force myself to push through the discomfort and continue to to be strong and productive. Yikes! That’s a whole ‘nuther post!


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