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Gotta Love a Productive Day /Flower Month Day #18

I don’t know what got into me today. I actually had a productive day from the get go, and it continued nearly the whole day!

In addition to big things like grocery shopping, I did a ton of little things – dishes, laundry (washed, dried AND folded and put away!) feeding and watering the birds, several large handfuls of small weeds pulled, pasta salad made, trash emptied, soap dispensers refilled, plants purchased to be planted this weekend – and all that before 11am! I was like my old self, and it was amazing!

I’m tempted to say “I’m back!” But, one day does not a pattern make, so I’ll wait and see if there are more days like this to be seen.

For Flower Day #18, I’d like to introduce you to yet another flower in my garden –


Okay, so she’s not REALLY a flower, she’s a succulent, but she looks like a flower, doesn’t she?

I cannot believe it has taken so long for me to get on the succulent bandwagon. I just LOVE them, and I love adding them to my garden in little nooks and crannies.

As soon as flower month is over, I plan to take you on a total tour of the garden, along with the finished succulent fountain, and then you can see all this gal’s buddies!

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  1. I love succulents!! And occasionally, you do get a flower from them.

    • I have gotten a few, but they aren’t as pretty as their mamas. I am just enthralled by the variety and how gorgeous they look all crammed in together. I’m kind of amazed that it took me this long to discover them. Yay Pinterest!



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