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Flower Month Day #16


Last year my hollyhocks barely made it in time for May Flower Month. This year they are ahead of schedule! The hot pinks have always been my favorites, but the reds have grown on me over the years. And this year they are particularly impressive.




I wish I could have dozens of these beauties. What am I talkin’ about? I can! I just have to find the colors I want and plant them!  Problem is they are kinda hard to find, at least the giant ones! The place I got them originally has gone out of business, and no one locally carries them. So, I’m going on a quest – international if necessary. Surely SOMEONE has them and is willing to ship!

I’ve gotta tell you, I am almost obsessing on the garden these past few days. The weather has been gorgeous and  ideas for projects are coming so fast I can hardly keep track of them! After neglecting the poor thing for a year it feels really good to be taking care of it again. And even better to be spending every spare minute of the day creatively!


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  1. I love them too Janet! I grew up on Hollyhock Road and my Mother always had several plants to enjoy.

  2. Wow! I love hollyhocks. That color is awesome. Thanks for playing along this month!


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