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Flower Month Day #14 / Breakin’ it down

I have had a really hard time lately getting anything at all done unless I have huge chunks of time available. I’ve been trying to figure out how I went from doing so much, to so little.

Turns out I’ve developed a little of a lazy streak. Just a little. And it has to do with not wanting to change clothes so much! Ha! What an excuse!

I get up and have my coffee in my jammies. If Josh doesn’t have school, I leave the jammies on to go over his house. If he does, I change into some kinds street clothes – nothing fancy. But then if I’m going to work in the yard, I need to change into trashy stuff that I can wreck with no regrets. Then I’m hot and stinky, so if I don’t have time for a full on shower, I need at least a bird bath (love that term) before getting dressed again. Then, when day is done, if I’m going to paint, I need to get my painting jammies on, cuz those are the ones I can wipe my hands off onto – no harm, no foul.

I spend so much time changing, it sorta gives me a very short time to actually accomplish anything.

Well today I decided to force myself to just do stuff, whether or not I felt like I had time. And guess what? I can still accomplish a fair amount, even with just a little time, if I just put my mind to it. So, I changed into my gardening clothes, even though I only had an hour, and was able to spread another bag of soil, do the watering, and plant nearly a dozen plants, transplant 2 more, go in, take a quick bird bath, change clothes and get out the door! All in under and hour. Yay me!

This is how I used to spend my days, breaking things into little jobs that could be done quickly. It’s only been the last year or so I’ve mentally needed the whole day clear to do anything. I’m going to be concentrating a lot of effort on going back to my old ways. I love looking back at the end of the day and seeing clearly how much I’ve accomplished!

And with that, I’d like you to meet another of my garden flowers –


This is Lithodora, a perennial who is a super star in rock gardens. The deep green creeping, low-lying shrub sports shocking blue flowers that are astoundingly beautiful!

I just transplanted 2 of them to different locations in the garden and I’m hoping they will survive. They just weren’t getting enough attention in their prior placement – they need to be front and center!

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  1. Breaking things down into baby steps is a great idea! I think I’ll try it today. 🙂 I have been dreading the entire summer so I think I’ll just focus on a day at a time.

    • If I thought about the whole summer, I’d be CRAZY! One day at a time is the only way to go. And better yet, keep a list of things (or pieces of things!) that can be accomplished in just a few minutes, that way you can squeeze in a little more productivity during the day!



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