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Day 12 of Flower Month/I’m in Love – Again

Today I got to spend hours in the garden. I weeded and pruned and planted, watered, and added 6 inches of soil to my annual bed. I refilled bird feeders and birdbaths and butterfly ponds. I sweated and got filthy, and at the end of the day sat out there with a glass of ice water and a few chucks of cacao and goji berry snacks and surveyed the wonderfulness of it all.  It was a pretty spectacular day.

Today, I’d like you to meet my Foxglove, another of my “favorites.”



I guess I mentioned that I’m in love again…

No Mr. Tattered, you don’t need to be jealous – my affair is with an inanimate object!

I’ve been seeing this crazy hose on t.v. that looked interesting. My garden hose is difficult to maneuver and always in the way, in spite of the fact that I have a clever holder for it. It’s just a pain.


So, I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and what do I see, but THE hose. Same price as on t.v. PLUS I had a spare 20% off coupon, so I bought it. And I’m in love.


It is so easy to use, lightweight, takes up a very small amount of space – love, love, love.


It starts out all crinkled up, then when you turn the water on, it grows and looks like a normal hose.


Turn the water off, and it shrivels up again, and barely takes up any space in the hose holder.


Now, Mr. Tattered pulled up the reviews on this little treasure, and they were terrible! I’m glad I didn’t look at them 1st. I probably wouldn’t have bought it. I’m not having ANY problems with it at all. I think I’ll do my OWN review!

I suppose with time, the passion may fade. But right now? I’m in love.

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  1. That’s good to know, Janet. I’ve been wondering about that hose. I hate dragging miles of heavy hose around the yard. I have the spiral rubber hose in the barn and I like that, though it does tend to get kinked. Think I’ll try one like yours, and I won’t be tempted to skip watering. Love the foxglove!

    • Thanks Mary! The hose is only 50ft, so it might not be practical for everyone, but I love it. I can’t find anything annoying about it, and after the reviews I’m looking carefully!



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