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Day 11 Flower Month

I think I keep saying that “this is my favorite flower in the garden” which leads me to believe it is impossible to have just one favorite! There are so many that make my heart flutter, and this is one of them…


Meet the newest member of the garden, my “cherry” calibrachoa (ca-li-bro-sha) often known as millionbells. They were originally thought to be related to petunias, but turns out they are their very own variety. They come in so many different colors, and I may be on a quest to have one of each!

They are supposed to be annuals, and most are, but my purples have been with me for 5 years now, and just this year are starting to look a little peaked. I have to confess though, these little darlings have taken over as my favorite calibrachoa. Just looking at them makes me smile. I think God is just showing off with these!

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  1. lunardaughter

    Oh these are lovely. How wonderful they’ve bloomed for you for 5 years – that’s amazing! I filled flower boxes with them one year and while they only lasted that season they were prolific gorgeous bloomers.

    • I have to plan on each calibrachoa being an annual, then it’s a wonderful surprise when they stick around. But, some flowers are just worth replanting each year!



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