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Flower Month Day #9/I’m Obsessing Again!

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Welcome to day 9 of visiting my garden for flower month!

My Bottle Brush Bush is blooming. The bush is tucked back behind some taller flowers at the moment – it will be lager eventually. I didn’t even realize it had bloomed until I was pruning a nearby bush and saw these blossoms peeking out! Yay!


It’s just a baby bush yet, with only a few blooms, but it’s heading toward being a big bush with lots and lots of them!

Hope you’re finding wonderful surprises in your garden, too!

On the obsession front, my interest in cake pops is getting out of control (Who me? Out of control?) I’ve already purchased two books on designs…


…and spent lots of time on the internet searching for the drying trays I saw on the youtube video, which I ultimately found. So of course when I was ordering them, I also ordered a little bottle to help make filling the cake pan easier.

Now, we don’t eat a lot of goodies, so making cake pops for the heck of it is not something I would do. But, I would for a special occasion. So, now I’m trying to invent a special occasion!

Good grief! Just what I need. Yet another obsession. Oh well, it keeps me outta REAL trouble!

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  1. LOL – I believe you should have a Bottle Brush Bush Blooming celebration and serve cake pops.


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