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Humbled By a Cake Pop/Day #8 Flower Month

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I have an irrational fear of failure. Every time I try something new, I’m scared of not being able to do whatever it is. I worry and fret. And then it all turns out just fine. And then I proceed to do a reasonably good job of it. Cake decorating is a good example. I was a nervous wreck over my last project (the Lalaloopsy Cake) then ecstatic with the outcome.

So. Several months ago I bought a Cake Pop baker, sorta like a waffle iron, for making the trendy little cake pops you see all over these days. I thought the girls and I would have some fun with it. But, somehow time keeps getting away from me and it’s just been sitting there.

Then yesterday my daughter and I realized Bea is supposed to take treats to school tomorrow for her birthday, so I offered to make the cake pops, thinking it was something cute, quick, and the little ones could help me with them today.

Instead of my usual flying by the seat of my pants on things, I actually took the time to research the how- to of it all on the internet, and went into the project full of self-confidence. So, imagine my surprise when it didn’t go quite as planned. Turns out there is some skill involved in getting those little suckers to turn out the way they look in the magazines. And that skill is developed over time, not in one project.

But, not knowing that, I, along with my little helpers got busy. Bea and Josh put the ingredients in the bowl.


The you tube video said you can’t fill the wells too full or not full enough. They have to be just right. And that can be a little tricky! As soon as I realized how critical the measurements were, it became a solo project.

Here’s what happens when you over fill –


Not disastrous, but messy. Under fill and the tops look weird. Fill them just right, and they’re…well, perfect.


Unfortunately it took me a long time to figure out perfect. Well, actually, I never did. I just got lucky sometimes! From there, you insert the sticks with a little help from the glaze “glue.”


I never did get the glaze just right. It was either too thick, too thin. But I didn’t have time to get it right, and just improvised. What a mess. And my poor little cake pops looked like mis-shapen soldiers standing all in a row.


By the time the pops were dry, my daughter was home from work and we bagged and fancied the pops and put them in a cute basket to go to school.


Bea is so excited and can hardly wait to share them with her friends!


They are nothing fancy, very simple, but they taste good, and the kids won’t realize they are sloppy.

Mr. Tattered, having watched me through the frustration said he guessed I wouldn’t be making THOSE again. But the funny thing is, I will. They have aroused my competitive instincts. And although I have been humbled by these little cake pops, and am a little in awe of the people who make them look so adorable, I am anxious to try again, and this time do a better job!

As to Day 8 of Flower month, meet my new gerbs…


These are my latest variety of gerbera daisies. Just love the bright orange and yellow beauties.

Hope you are enjoying flower month!

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  1. Clare Docherty

    Those cake pops look amazing to me – as usual you are being too hard on yourself! The kids will love them – they are far less critical than us adults. Cx

    • Hahaha! I KNOW I can be hard on myself, but seriously, these are not pretty by any stretch of the imagination! The packaging hides a multitude of sins. But the kids will love them. What’s not to love about sugar, glazed with sugar, dipped in sugar?


  2. Woman vs. cake pop. Looks to me like you won, Janet. Now, after just giving myself a stern talking to about what I’d allow myself to eat today, I’m hungry for cake! Thanks.

  3. You know that fear is totally a normal emotion, right? What’s important is that you proceeded anyway. Those cakepops look amazing to me! And the gerber daisies too. 🙂

    • Hahaha! Yes, I do know that. I just want to learn from my own personal history that the things that I tend to fear aren’t really all that scary! AND, that when I put myself out there, I’m already a success, just for trying! You have been a major force in getting me to see how hard I am on myself, and I appreciate it so much!


  4. Sweet treats and pretty flowers – sounds about perfect to me! 😉


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