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Flower Month Day #7 and a Baby Step

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Happy Flower Month, and thanks for stopping by!

I’m continuing the tour of my garden.

One of my very favorite flowers out there is a lovely perennial by the name of Lavatera. It had gotten enormous, so last year I chopped it way back and I was afraid I had killed it. But it’s back and just as beautiful as ever.




It rained a bit today, and that made me change my plans to spend the morning in the garden. But, I went to Green Acres and bought a few annuals and when the sun peeked out, I got a little work done out there. Slowly but surely I’m getting things shaped up. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be happy enough with my progress to give you an overall view instead of just little snippets!

On other floral notes, I’m TRYING to get some “non-photography” creativity going. I started sketching out an idea for either a canvas or card…haven’t decided which it will be yet.


I know it’s a baby step, but sometimes a baby step is all you can make. As small as it is, it is forward progress, and forward progress is good.

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  1. Wow… that sketch is amazing, Janet! It’s going to be beautiful whatever it turns out to be. Your purple plant is totally awesome… I’m going to look into it for a corner of my backyard.

    • If you are able to find this particular variety, just make sure it has room to spread out. It gets BIG. Glad you like it! I didn’t save its tag, but if I remember correctly, it is in the “mallow” family, if that helps.


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