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Flower Month – Day #4, Biology, and Jammies – Huh?

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Welcome to day #4 of flower month! I’m joining with my girlies to celebrate a whole month of floral wonderfulness! Lori and Lindsay are BOTH hostessing challenges!

So, I actually followed through and got out in the garden this morning. I just love it out there, even though it was a warm one today. It is quiet and peaceful, and my mind just wanders.

Today it wandered to crazy places. Or “A” crazy place.

I was dead heading a plant, and that got me thinking about biological imperatives, which reminded me that one of Mr. Tattered’s friends (who is a doctor) told him that he is at the age where he is biologically irrelevant. Biologically irrelevant. So am I. That’s harsh. But true, I guess. We’ve reproduced, and kept our children alive long enough for them to reproduce, so we’re done. In the biological sense, at least.

How did I get from dead heading plants to being biologically irrelevant? Well, plants have their own biological imperative. They grow, bloom, and when they’re through going to seed (reproducing) they die. But, if you dead head them (remove the blossoms when they are past prime) you can fool them into thinking they aren’t done yet, and they will continue to bloom, sometimes all season.

These are the ones I was working on, my golden geum. So far I’m keeping up on keeping them deadheaded (it’s not an easy job!) and I’m going to be interested to see how long they will keep blooming!


One of the happy things that happened out there today was that I found my treasured hand shovel that has been missing for days. Can you tell why I am attached to it? Yep, old and rusty! I knew it had to be around somewhere, and there it was in my box of potting soil! So happy to see you again little friend! I had been reduced to using Joshua’s plastic one!


Not so happy, I took a little spill (tripped over a big bottle of water we use to hold open the gate – I’m not telling Mr. Tattered since I often tell him to watch where he’s walking when he complains about the various things I leave laying around for him to trip on!) and ripped my favorite gardening jammies!


Ha! Gardening jammies! Who gardens in their pajamas? I do! Fortunately I fell gracefully and barely skinned my knee. Just wounded my pride a little! And the jammies, although not quite so cute with their new tear, are still wearable!

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  1. lunardaughter

    LOL – what a wonderful post. I’m delighted to have wandered over her from Lori’s page.


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