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Flower Month – Day #3 and I’m a Lucky Girl!

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Happy Flower month!


These are my darling little pansies peeking up behind my crazy frog. I love having a wonderful mix of flowers and interesting non-floral decor in the garden. Arranging and rearranging all my treasures in the garden makes me happy. Ooooh. There’s that word!

It’s kind of amazing to me all the unexpected places I can find happy if I just pay attention.

SPEAKING of happy!

Who knew it would be so fun to get beaten at UNO?


He gets such a charge out of destroying me! And he is SO good at trash-talkin’!

On my way to work (if you can call spending time with your grandchildren “work”) I took a moment to notice that my “commute” is a pretty amazing 3 minutes (more happy!)


Blue skies, tree and flower lined streets, no traffic…what’s not to love?

And instead of crabby co-workers, demanding bosses, and stressful deadlines, my days are filled with scenes like this:




Yep. I’m a lucky, lucky girl, and I KNOW it!

And just a reminder, if you want to see how others are celebrating “flower month” you can check in with Lori and Lindsay!

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  1. You really do have the best job!

    • The only thing that would make it better would be if I HAD to do an hour or so of art a day. But it’s hard to beat a job that makes you laugh all day, and the worst stress is being clobbered at UNO by a 4 year old!


  2. You really are a lucky girl! The kids are so cute and I know they fill your days with happiness and joy. Can’t ask for much more than days of happy and joy.

    • So true! But I have to admit I am still feeling that creative business tug…grrrrr. I still have a lot of mental work to do to on myself!



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