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Happy May Day and Welcome Back – AGAIN!

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I haven’t quite figured out why, when the events in the country have me depressed, I am unable to blog, when in fact, that is precisely when I NEED to do it!

I wonder if I’m afraid that if I am putting out happy talk when there is so much sadness, I’ll seem insensitive, when in reality, it is in the midst of sadness, we need happiness the most.

That’s the best reason I can come up with, so I’m going to try hard to remember that next time (and there will be one, I’m afraid) and I’ll mention the sadness, but then get back to life.

So. Welcome back.

I’ve just experienced a monumental fail with my “National Letter Writing Month” participation. Not by the hostess’s standards, but my own. The idea was to pair people up as “pen pals” for the month of April. We ended up with 100 ladies participating, and although by participating you were agreeing to write only one letter to your pen pal (which I did!) I had decided I would write one little note to each of the participants. Sounds pretty ambitious when you consider I was (in my own mind) to make my own cards and decorate the envelopes, as well. Although in reality it’s not a lot different than making 4 inspiration decks, and I’ve done that in less than two weeks, let alone a month!

So. Here I sit, in a new month, and only 25 mailings done, far short of the 100 goal! Note to self – start making cards earlier next year!

On another note, May is “Flower” month, and I’m participating a couple of challenges.

One is through my friend Lori Moon, who challenges us to have “something” floral on our blogs every day in May. Last year I featured a photo of a flower from my garden each day. I’m thinking since it was a whole year ago, I might could get away with doing the same thing again. BUT, I’m feeling like I may mix it up a bit. I’ve added some “pretend flowers” during the year, so I think I’ll slip some of those in. And I might even “art” a few! Who knows! At any rate, Happy May Day!


The other is from another friend, Lindsay Ostrom, but there is a PRIZE attached here! Each entry will have the potential for winning a prize!

If you have time, check out both of these blogs to see what others are up to for Flower Month! And, of course, I hope you’ll check in with me each day, as well! Should be fun!

So, hopefully with these challenges in place, I’ll be back to my normal everyday blogging. What a lovely month to get back in the groove!

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