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Gettin’ My Art On Anyway I Can!

This weekend the plan was to get my April ATCs done (and help the girls with theirs!) They really should have been mailed Saturday, but I figured I wouldn’t get in trouble if they didn’t go out until Monday…most of us seem to getting a little behind each month!

So, I got the basic backgrounds done and needed to let them dry, but I wasn’t ready to quit.

So as long as I had the supplies out, I thought I’d try doing some envelopes kinda production style for my “National Letter Writing Month” group. I’ve set a goal of doing at least one handmade card for each of the 100 ladies who are participating, and I’m getting a little nervous that the month is flying by, and I’ve made no progress on that front.

Well, I did 25 envelopes in a very short time, which gave me hope that I might actually be able to meet my goal.  I got even more excited when the 25 matching cards were completed.



25 sets down, 75 to go.  Ha! No really, I think I can do this!

One of the embellishments I used was an old international cancelled stamp from a bag of them I bought awhile back with no particular use in mind…they are perfect!


The thing that I found interesting about the day was the way I felt as I was making the envelopes. I felt good. I mean REALLY good. The same kind of good I feel when I am working on a canvas, only there was no thought of  how I was going to sell this art. Or where I was going to store it while I figured out how or where to try to sell it. I wasn’t working out descriptions for my Etsy store, or considering packaging options. I was just enjoying the process.

I’ve been wondering as I go through this creative journey how I could/would incorporate art into my daily life if I wasn’t going to sell it.  And now, quite by accident, I’ve discovered that I can give it away and be perfectly happy. At least for now.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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