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Fun With Wildtree

I don’t often do a post to promote a certain product, but this is one I can’t resist.

As long-time followers will know, I love to cook. Sometimes. Sometimes not so much. When I get into the “not so much” doldrums, I need a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to get me out of them, and I got it this weekend.

My daughter went to a little cooking party a few weeks back, and came home with 10 large zip lock bags of meals to throw into the freezer. As her hubby is working evenings these days, we’ve been invited to come over and eat with her and the girls several times, and she’s been putting out some yummy meals – from those freezer bags.

So, when she invited me to come along to another party, I had mixed feelings. I knew the food was good, but I’m just not much into “going’ these days. But, after a few days of resisting the temptation, I gave in and agreed.

Oh my goodness!

It was a “Wildtree” party. Those of you who are familiar with home-based businesses like Pampered Chef will know basically what it is about. But Wildtree has a little twist. Some of the parties are just tasting parties, and you go to the home of the hostess, and the representative of the company comes and lays out their products along with yummies made with the products to sample, you visit, hear the presentation, place your orders and go home.

But Wildtree has another kind of party where you actually put together a bunch of meals on the spot. It is not a cheap proposition. It costs $75.00 for the spices and sauces you will use, but then you get to take home what you don’t use, plus they provide a few other miscellaneous ingredients.


It was a blast!

A week or so before the get-together, we all got an e-mail with a grocery list of items we would need, along with instructions on how to prepare for the big day.

Long story short, you get all your meat and veggies together (we opted for the vegetarian version, so it was just veggies for us) then they have you prep them and put them in numbered gallon-sized ziplock bags, which you bring with you to the party. Trader Joe’s insulated bag was the perfect size, but some people brought coolers.


So, you get to the party and tables are set up with stations for each person to work at which includes all the sauces and spices you purchased, measuring cups and spoons.


Plus there are samples all over the place to munch on…bread dipped in yummy oils…


and grilled asparagus marinated in garlic oil…yum.


We’ve already started eating the meals we made, and so far, they’re delish!

If you’re interested in hosting a party of your own, check out their website.

If you live in the Sacramento area, contact Paul and Becky Moos at paulnbek(at)yahoo(dot)com and they’ll set you up! You can also “like” their page at

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