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Progress = Happy

I wasn’t sure if I would show you the steps along the way, or just wait until I got my project completed, but decided in favor of showing progress. Progress = happy these days!

Sylvia’s hubby dropped off my new (well, new to me!) fountain/planter and my boys off-loaded it and got it set up for me. Isn’t it wonderful?



It was just a wee bit tipsy, so after much discussion about how my babies tend to not be able to keep their hands off the new stuff (thank you Daddys for your concerns!) we decided to attempt to firm it up a bit by driving a metal pipe down the middle. Wish I had taken a picture of Mr. Tattered cutting the pipe down with a tiny little saw, but you’ll have to imagine it! He’s not a fan of my “projects” so I was grateful for the help. Left to my own muscle power I’d be hacking away for a week!

Anyway, it worked. The pipe went into the ground about 6 inches, and the fountain is much more stable.

Next up was filling the sections in with pea gravel followed by a mixture of compost-based potting mix and more pea gravel. Do you have any idea how luscious a container of ready-to-plant dirt looks to a crazed gardener? Especially with all these beauties waiting to get their feet into it!


So, after a trip downtown to survey the ability of succulents at our three local garden supply spots, I came home armed with lots of them and proceeded to plant away. I love design in almost any form, and this was no different than putting together a canvas or scrapbook page. You start anywhere, then build around the first planting, watching sizes and textures and colors, making sure they look interesting together. I even left room for growth!



Hahahahaha! Who am I fooling? I ran out of plants!

So, that’s why you’re getting a “progress report!” Unfortunately, I’ve depleted the selections at our local stores, so I will have to either use a lot of repeats, wait until they are re-stocked, or find another place to go!  Hmmmmm. Since I am heavy into variety and not in a HUGE hurry to complete the project, I suspect holding out for new and different will win out!

Oh, and I was a little naughty while I was at it. I DID  buy a few other little treasures!


In the meantime, I sat out on the patio this morning to drink my morning coffee and listened to the birds chirp and watched them fussing over who gets which perch on the bird feeder. And I dreamed. Not of far away adventures, but of what else I can do to make the garden an even better oasis. Not quite just “being” but as close as I am capable of getting to it.

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! So happy the fountain has found such a happy home!!!

    • Thanks, Syl! I am just in love with the fountain! I haven’t found all the succulents I want, but it’s off to a great start! Thanks again for your VERY generous gift! I doubt it ever would have been a reality without you!


  2. HA, HA! Why is it our husbands cringe when they hear what our next project is going to be? Mine is the same way. Love your fountain!

    • I know, huh!? I understand that he is torn between wanting to see me happy and HATING all the stuff. The store was my “stuff” outlet back in the day. Now it has to be the house, and he’s suddenly a bit more appreciative of how the store kept all the stuff out of his world. But, I’m TRYING to reduce my footprint. If only I could quit seeing so many cute things I want! Thanks again, Pinterest.


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