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National Letter Writing Month

Back in the day (about 12 years ago!) I met a lady by the name of Lindsay Ostrom at an “after hours crop” associated with the Hobby Industries of America show. She was a “master doodler” back then, and had written a couple of how-to books about lettering. She and the founder of a now defunct scrapbook magazine (Paper Kutz) sponsored the crop.

Well, through facebook I have re-connected with her. She lives not too far away from me, and we keep threatening to get together and play, but haven’t done it yet. She is supremely talented and has her fingers in all kinds of art. She’s been published in numerous Somerset Magazines and I am just in awe of her.

So, Lindsay, has been sponsoring a “pen pal challenge” in conjunction with National Letter Writing Month (NLWM) for the last few years. It started out small, but in her 4th year is up to 100 participants. Some of the ladies make cards all year to send to their new pen pals! I heard about it pretty much at the last minute, but I was intrigued, and signed up. I need SOMETHING to get me back in the groove of creating, and this sounded like just the ticket. If you want to see what we’re up to, Lindsay will be publishing photos of some of the treasures being sent back and forth between the participants on her blog.

There is a  private Facebook page attached to the group. Turns out there are some lovely, talented and VERY friendly ladies hanging out there, and I’m getting to know a few of them. Hannah has even acquired a pen pal through the group!


So, check it out and maybe set a reminder to check back in next year and maybe play with us? Letter-writing is becoming a lost art, and this is a great way to help revive it, and enjoy a little creating at the same time!

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  1. Great post, Janet! So excited for Hannah to be embarking on penpal exchanges, I had so much fun doing that as a teenager (it’s good she’s starting early!)!


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