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Spring is Springing

Do you ever wish you could just tear up your world (well, except for the immediate family part!) and start over?

That’s where I am at today. Very manic, and wanting to just rip through every part of it throwing away unnecessary or no longer useful things, re-organize, clean, change, beautify. There are so many ideas stampeding through my head I’m afraid I won’t be able to capture them before they’re gone!

It must be a part of spring fever!

I came home to a garden that has erupted in color and re-birth, and I’m wanting the same for myself.





But of course, along with all the beauty, there are a few giant weeds, as well. I’ve gotta get those weeds out of my life!


About tatterednworn

I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. You always have gorgeous flowers!! Just remember to watch for those snakes that are hideing! Love You!

    • Ha! I have to tell you, I don’t go outside (even in the winter) without thinking about them! And it’s getting close to that time…Love you, too!


  2. So many beautiful blooms already. Lucky! Our winter was on the mild side and the weeds seem to have taken over. It gets a little harder every year to stay ahead of it. I saw a snake on Groundhog Day this year which was crazy, but fortunately most of our snakes are not poisonous. You’ve got spring fever, girl!!


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