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Well, I’ve had a couple of days with actual art having been accomplished. Will wonders never cease?

The girls and I finally buckled down and got our March ATCs done. I thought because we would all be together for weeks, we might even be early this month, but too many other fun opportunities kept coming up, and we just couldn’t seem to come up with the time until it reached the crisis stage. Our art friends are a pretty forgiving lot, so we’re not in too much trouble for being late.

This month’s theme was “spring.” We found some cute little rainbow stickers, so the girls decided they’d do a little scene with flowers and the rainbow overhead. Can’t say they really learned anything new this month, but with limited supplies, we made do.



I opted to go a different route and capture the spirit of the view outside our window. It is, after all, just about spring here, too. Love the little palm tree stickers and their little bling! I am sooooooo loving doing inchies. I may have to come up with a major inchie project to justify doing a rash of them!



I also FINALLY got going on my Happiness Art Journal. I am going to have to amend my project because it has taken me so long to get started. Instead of doing twelve monthly projects, I may just do twelve different categories and work on them as I work on them instead of having the structure of a category a month. I’m also flirting with the idea of doing some layouts about things that make me happy, instead of just concentrating on “working on” being happy in a broader range of areas. Also, by waiting, I am able to combine the project with the realization that my “Happy Place” is on the water, and go with a water theme, which was totally unintended. I’m finding it interesting that procrastinating doesn’t ALWAYS mean a project is doomed to die. SOMETIMES it means it has more time to take shape and become even more than it was intended to be. (She says with more confidence than she really feels!)


We’re talkin’ REALLY early stages here, but paint has been put to paper, and that’s progress. Now that I’ve actually used pages in the journal, I may feel guilty about wasting it, if I can’t just do it enthusiastically. Guilt or enthusiasm – whatever it takes to get me to do it works for me!

And just in case that isn’t  ENOUGH “arting” going on, I also buckled down and got a few scrapbook layouts done – okay, not COMPLETELY done, but almost. I forgot to bring my journaling pen, so the journaling is in pencil, but, again, it’s a start, and that’s more than I had a week ago! Thought I’d better get our Yellowstone trip from last year done before I forget the stories that go with the pictures!





Still have a long way to go here, too, but once again, progress is good. AND, I’m excited to get it done, so the chances it will have gone up!

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  1. forward motion is good – yea!

    • It is, Deb, and lately I’m needing to celebrate the smallest bit of forward motion! I sure appreciate all your support. It is nice to know you’re there pulling for me!


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