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An Addiction and Fighting Back!

Yeah, well, if you’re like me, you’ve probably got a few, and most of them not good ones.

The one that distresses me most is the one to food.

I was in recovery for well over a month, nearly two, when I fell off the wagon. I don’t even remember why, now, but I’m guessing I succumbed to something I knew better than to put in my mouth, and it’s been a bit of a downward spiral. Not too bad. Only a couple of pounds worth before catching it, but distressing none the less.

There’s not a lot that I don’t know about eating right. I’ve read so much I could probably write a book, but I recently read an article that came as a surprise. Did you know that the food industry is engineering food specifically so we will eat more? The bottom line is sugar, salt and fat. Sometimes the sugars come in the form of two to four DIFFERENT kinds of sugar in one product. Not only are they making food that is unhealthy in more ways than I want to think about, but they are intentionally and with malice of forethought, doing it WANTING us to eat too much of it, using both science and psychology to do it. And we wonder why obesity is becoming a national crisis.

I don’t know why the subject isn’t getting more attention. We squawk every time the government does anything that can be REMOTELY construed as controlling us…why do we allow food companies to do it – especially in such an insidious way?

The full article is so worth the read.

So, as long as I’m rebelling against being controlled (who me?) I’m investigating raw food.

Long time readers know I’m a vegetarian and trying hard to be vegan. It’s a struggle. So I know going completely raw would be all but impossible, but I’m going to add more raw food to my diet.

Yesterday Andra and I took the kids to a raw food restaurant. No way would the guys go for it, and the kiddles aren’t thrilled, but at least they are willing to try!

Just walking in the door makes me happy…LOVE the attitude!


The menu is small, but it’s still hard to choose. LIVING food. It even SOUNDS healthy!


The kids had a raw pb&j, made with a dense, almost pave of bananas, honey and nuts for the bread, honey, bananas and strawberries. They expected it to be sweeter (thanks food companies!)


The daughter and I had the same thing off the “special” menu (last time she liked my selection better, so she went with my choice this time!) It was called “rawvioli” rather than ravioli. Hahahaha! They used thin slices of turnips in place of pasta and a yummy filling, topped with a pesto, then a side salad of fresh greens, raw beets and a nice dressing.


Can I honestly say it was the best meal I’ve ever had? No it wasn’t. But, I am confident it was good for me and had no crap in it. It was filling, didn’t make me want to eat two tons of it, and I didn’t feel like I needed six glasses of water to wash the salt out of my system. It was just a good, satisfying meal that I ate with no guilt and no regrets. It may not have hit all the pleasure zones that “engineered” food does, but that’s okay. No animals had to die, I know I didn’t eat any chemicals, it tasted good enough that I would order it again, and THAT felt good enough.

I have a feeling that if I ate like this all the time, and didn’t even let the crap food into my mouth EVER, eventually the crap food would stop tasting so good, and this would be even better.

NOW, to make it happen. That is waaaaaay easier said than done, but I am going to try to keep heading in that direction.

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  1. Did you just learn about this? That’s the beauty of big Agra. All this mix of fat, sugar, and salt is called finding the “bliss point” and the reaction in the brain is the same as if you re a cocaine user. NOT what I want for my children. If you really want to get crazy start researching GMO’s …oy! We need a huge activist movement!!

    • I think it must have been rattling around in the back of my brain somewhere, but this brought it to the forefront! PLUS, the meeting where the head honchos didn’t want to even consider changing their ways, really chapped my hide. Yes, we need a movement!



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