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Dreams Are Just Dreams, Right?

I slept in an hour later than usual this morning. I had gotten into a 4-5 day habit of waking up at the same time (within a minute or two) and I was liking it. Then WHAM! A whole hour later this morning, thus effectively robbing my day of an hour.

The most concerning part though was WHY I slept in. I was having an alarmingly pleasant dream and I didn’t want it to end. Or, I guess more appropriately, I wanted to see how it ended. But. I woke up just as I agreed to do “the thing.” Which is probably just as well, because the dreaded THING I had agreed to was (cue the scary music!) participating in an arts and crafts show.

Lord have mercy.

I thought I was over that. I mean REALLY over it.

It was a rather vague dream. Kinda foggy, in fact. The friend who was “doing” the show I was visiting didn’t have a face, but the Texas drawl makes me think it was Lori, an on-line art friend who is pursuing a creative art business on top of working full time and having two teenagers, and is coming to the realization that she may need to start doing shows.

I’ve never been to a show like the one I dreamed of, but it was sorta like the setting in the show the Junk Gypsies do in Round Top – out in a field, the booths under giant old trees and kinda randomly scattered rather than in straight rows like all the shows I’ve been to. There was a lovely mix of actual “from the ground up” art, re-purposed treasures and traditional crafts. I was having so much fun, and when I approached my friend’s booth, she was busy, busy.

It was a monthly show from April thru September, and they had JUST had a vacancy for a booth space near her, and I needed to grab it if I wanted it. Vacancies didn’t happen very often… I immediately needed to run to the bathroom. My guts were churning and I thought I was going to have have a seriously disturbing accident. (I know – too much information, but it was while sitting on the throne I decided to go for it.)

A month to prepare for a major show. And it wasn’t cheap – over a thousand dollars. That meant tons of merchandise, and lots of display pieces if I had any hope at all of even breaking even.

My mind was whirling.

I ran through the limited merchandise I had at home. Not much. And even less of the style that I have come to love. I did have ideas for some things I could get together quickly. I could do some prints and make cards of my favorite canvases. Maybe even do prints on muslin and whip up a few pillows. I had lots of “found” stuff I could quickly make into necklaces, and about a dozen old door knobs that could be transformed into photo holders in an hour or two. Could I bring it together in a cohesive way and get enough support stuff together to make a proper showing?

I was gloriously scared and deliciously excited. I was going to go for it.

Then I woke up. And I had to pee like a race horse – guess that’s where the bathroom scene came from!


It was just a dream, right? Just a dream.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Dreams are just dreams, right? Not for me they’re not! Anyway sounds to me like your subconscious is taking you through a little practice run there so you get to *feel* into how much it would make your heart soar… gets your heart rate up, doesn’t it? Your Soul whispers seem to be getting louder, huh. I’ll be the first one to let out a shout of ‘Hooray’ when I hear that you’ve stopped fighting what ever is going on deep in your heart. : )

    • Thanks, Kat. Seems like there’s what you need to do and what you NEED to do. I’ve been trying to address what need to do but what I NEED to do will not be silenced! It’s a dilemma!


  2. I had to chuckle when I read this. I think your subconscience is telling you that you still want to have a business, of sorts. And a thousand dollars for a show, LOL! I had someone tell me just the other day about a great art show in their city and that I should be in it. I just told them thanks, but no thanks. Been there, done that for many years and at my age I have no intention of setting up tents again. I would consider an indoor show and having my art in an art gallery, but that’s about it. Love that you had such a realistic dream though.

    • And all those things are on one side of the equation. I’ve certainly been there, done that, too! I don’t know why my heart won’t just let me be. If nothing else, I’m getting tired of the back and forth. I need this settled. BUT, the constant stirring in my heart makes me wonder if there isn’t an option out there I haven’t considered.



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