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Life Takes Over

Life has been taking over my days lately. Little time for creativity at all.

This has to change! At the very least I need to be taking an hour or so a day to nurture my creativity. The lack of it is making me a crabby girl, and crabby and happy don’t mesh well!

Thankfully a few days ago, even though I wasn’t creative, I got a huge dose of happy that over rode the crabby. I got to babysit my grandson, Josh for a little while. He has recently moved, with his parents, close to us, and I’ll be providing a little day care from time to time. The first thing we needed to do was go to Target for a few “boy” toys. Pink and lavender doll houses just weren’t going to do.

SO, we went shopping. He is all boy through and through! Loves cars, and man does he know a lot about them for a four year old! He picked out a remote control Camaro. Then I suggested some hot wheels and a case for them. And I’d already gotten him an “angry birds” hot wheel set with track.

He said (word for word) “This is more toys than a little boy needs! Do you have enough money for all this?” It was all I could do to keep from busting up laughing! I assured him that I have Gaga money set aside for stuff like that.

We came home and got his car working, and he said that I’m pretty good at that for a girl. Melting heart!

josh2-2#2-w josh2-2#3-w josh2-2-w

Daddy got back all too soon, and stuck around and played with us for awhile.

So, no creativity, but at least a good dose of wonderfulness, and that was just as good!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. What a Blessing for YOU to have them close again!!! Josh is a cutie!!!!!

    • He really is! I’m so glad to have them down here again, but they’ve got a little bit of gypsy blood in them. So I’m going to enjoy them while we’ve got them.


  2. He is gorgeous, Janet. May I say that about a boy? Just tell him I said handsome. You are a lucky lady!!

  3. Looks like a happy, contented little boy there … you can not get much more creative than that! 😉


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