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Happy, No Trauma Days Ahead. Surely?

Creativity has taken a back seat to life these past few weeks, and there is no end in sight.

I had sorta hoped 2013 would usher in a new year of less trauma, but so far, it’s not looking like that will be the case.

I injured my knee (NO IDEA HOW!) and after a couple weeks of re-hurting it nearly everyday, decided it wasn’t going to fix itself. I went to the doc and she sent me to get it x-rayed, even though she didn’t think anything would show up. X-ray was clear. so I will need a referral to an ortho dude and an MRI. Yay, me! I had her check my lungs as long as I was there, since this cough is nearly a month old, and sure enough I’ve got a little bronchitis! So, antibiotics for that.

Then there was my dad’s death. And, come to find out, I am the trustee for his trust. I don’t mind doing it, but it appears he is using the trust to settle old scores no one knew were still bugging him and I resent being thrown into the middle of his revenge project. It’s stacking up to be a time-comsuming mess.

My friend Rae, who lost her mom, said she likes to think that her mom is now healed and that the healing extends to the situations here on earth. I hope that is true, and that he now knows the truth, and somehow feels remorse for the mess he left here. What he did with a stroke of the pen many years ago, will cause repercussions that will last years, if not forever, here on earth. Makes me very sad. BUT, it’s a good reminder to talk things out with our friends and loved ones instead of keeping perceived wrongs bottled up and festering. How sad it is to live for years with mis-perceptions that could have been cleared up so easily.

So, there is little time for doing what I WANT to do right now. I’m trying to remember to find the “happy” in each day even if I don’t actually get to my “Happiness Project.” And the art class I signed up for will be there when I can get to it. I’m feeling very STUCK on my creative journey, and although I know that stuckness won’t last forever, I’m getting impatient. You’ll remember that patience is NOT my strong suit. BUT, life has to be dealt with. The journey will still be there when I can back to it.

Wishing you happy, no trauma days!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Oh Janet, what a lot of crap to deal with at one time! Your knee and bronchitis are sure a nuisance but those can be mended. Family stuff is so much harder to resolve and can really bring you down. I know this, but you are strong and you have your sweet grandbabies and your sense of humor to pull you through. I hope you are able to put all this behind you soon. If you were here I’d give you a great big hug. Please, please try to find a little time to be creative. As for the family stuff, do the best you can and anyone who doesn’t like it can kiss your………..!


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