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Found Treasures

Well, I managed to get in a little clean-up of all the stuff in the studio. Mostly just sorting into bins, but I made a dent.

And I can hardly believe all the little treasures I found in the process. Things I had forgotten about, even though they haven’t been among the missing all that long.

These are the punches I bought at Archiver’s in Minneapolis when I went to Creative Connection well over a year ago. I’ve never even used them. Somewhere in the piles are the two big kits…these are just the additional punches.


Then there was this cool set of alphabet stamps. I’m so excited to use them!


I collected these heart shaped bits of coral last year in Maui, and somehow they found themselves tucked in amongst my supplies…


This sign has been in the studio for a LONG time, long enough for me to have forgotten about it! Now to find a place to hang it!


This stamp is amazing. I have something in mind for it already (if I can put it some place where I can find it!)


And this is the greatest find of all! Several weeks ago I received this bracelet I ordered from Kelly Rae Roberts sister, Jennifer Valentine, from her collection licensed by Creative Collection. I love, love, love it! I set it in the studio to photograph before I put it away with my other jewelry, then stuff got stacked on top of it. Wow! I’m so excited to wear it. As wonderful as it looks in the picture, it is even more awesome in real live person!


So, I haven’t found my missing gift certificate yet, and a couple of other things I’ve got an eye out for, but these were quite the finds.

One of the great things about being so disorganized is that you find all this cool “new” stuff! It’s almost like I went on a shopping spree without even leaving the house!

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  1. Wow! I’d rather come and clean up your stash, than finish organizing mine. Cool beans!

    • I so cannot believe you said cool beans! That used to be one of my favorite things to say. I had no idea it was a “coast to coast” thing. How funny! Yeah, the up side of the mess is finding cool stuff I forgot I had. Of course, a little dementia helps, as well!


  2. I’d do more cleaning around my house if I knew I’d find goodies like you did.

    • Somehow it isn’t enough of an incentive for me! Hahaha! But then if I cleaned more often (or was more organized) I wouldn’t find treasures like that, would I?



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