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Physics Matters

There comes a time in the life of every mixed media artist when she/he has to admit that physics is not imaginary. It is real. And although you can sometimes figure out how to get 10# of stuff (for those of you with sensitive ears) in a 5# bag, getting 25# into it just isn’t going to happen.

And how did I come to that realization?

I’m finally back to cleaning the studio. Lord help me.

A couple of weeks ago (before I got the cold of the century) I dragged the majority of the “stuff” mentioned above out of the studio and piled it high in the guest room, with the intention of going through everything, sorting, and putting it back away neatly, marked so I can see what is in each container, and, well…organized.

The very next day I came down with an awful cold. See? I told you that housework, done properly, can kill you!

So, after one night of coughing all night, Mr. Tattered gently suggested I might be more comfortable in the guest room. Hmmmmm. Given that the bed was covered with the “stuff” and I certainly didn’t have the energy to put it away, I shoved it over to one side of the bed, making just enough room to get into it. It seriously looks like an episode of “Hoarders” where there is a little nest of space carved out. Oh, my.

And so it has stayed ever since.

Now we’re having overnight company on Thursday night, so the guest room will need to get cleared out. If I have any hope of creating a pleasant environment for our guests,  I can’t put it off any longer.

So back to being a mixed media artist. We are notorious for saving EVERYTHING, and do I ever mean everything. Bits and pieces of ribbon and twine, YEARS worth of old Christmas cards, feathers, strips of ribbon, rusty nails, chunks of wood, beads, styrofoam balls, silk leaves. Add to that tons and tons and TONS of scrapbook paper, stickers, bling, stamps, fabric, photos, patterns, yarn… And tools. Oh, my, the tools. Is the physics issue starting to make sense?

I can hardly bear to part with ANY of it. I KNOW as soon as I get rid of anything, I’ll need it.

I sorta thought with a little imagination I could find a better way of storing the stuff and not have to part with it. Now I’m thinking not so much.

I don’t have time to sort through everything and do an organized clear out, so I’ve decided to sort into bins to be gone through later and do the best I can to make the studio look presentable, and concentrate more on having the guest room usable!  It’s my bestie that’s coming, and she knows I’m…shall we say “messy?” As long as I have Christmas put away, she’ll still love me!

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  1. I’m feeling your pain! After my hubby worked so hard to build me all this extra storage space for my studio, I still have supplies all over the place- what’s an artist to do!

  2. I hear you! I am just now setting up my studio. Oh my goodness…

  3. I hate putting stuff away – because it feels like it is gone – but I have found that sorting stuff into bins by color is helpful – and pretty quick. I have lots of lettersized clear totes full f misc. stuff sorted by color – not a perfect solution, but at least stuff gets put away quickly – so I can get it all back out again!!


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