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January ATCs

Well, my little darlings have been at it again, creating away!

When we sat down today to work on our January Artist Trading Cards, we looked through my stash of stickers for inspiration. This was our second month of doing a winter card, and since the girls did snowmen last month, we were looking for something a little different.

I asked Bea (the 4 year old) what Winter Wonderland meant to her, and she said “snowballs!” So we looked for snowballs, and found this!


Note the snowballs, the snowflakes and the cardinals…

Now here’s what we did with out inspiration…


Bea’s card is on the left. Can you see her little pile of snowballs? Since she needed to do 10 cards (that’s a lot for a 4 year old!) I had her write snow balls, then photocopied for her so she wouldn’t have to write it over and over. She pasted the words onto her cards using modpodge, then did her background with a texture treatment and a snowflake stencil, and finished off with her hand drawn snowballs, highlighted with a copic pen, and chalked the edges.

Hannah chose the snowflakes. She pasted down the piano music to “walking in a winter wonderland” and some snowflake scrapbook paper, then did her background texture, and finished it off with modeling paste and a snowflake stencil for her focal point. She also used chalk on her edges. The stencil with modeling paste was a new technique for her, and she now knows what a focal point is!

For mine, I chose the same piano music and scrapbook paper, did some painting on the background, used the stencil and modeling paste for the snowflake, and finished it off with a cardinal using copic markers, and highlighting with stickles glitter, and chalked edges.

We had a lovely time, and the girls can hardly wait to get the cards back from their “art ladies.”


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