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Clean Slates

I love the imagery of starting the year with a clean slate…


(photo borrowed from internet!)

The problem is, it has to be REALLY clean, and that can be a challenge in itself. Rubbing the eraser over the board, you’ll usually leave little smears of chalk and it takes a good scrubbing to get down to actually CLEAN.

So, with my sluggishness of the past few weeks, I still have a bit of a messy chalkboard in front of me, and it’s going to be a few days before I can really call it clean. I just can’t stand the idea of writing all my fresh ideas on top of the dust left from last year!

I did get my Christmas clean-up started. The Santa display is down, the shelf cleaned (I hate to admit this deep cleaning only happens once a year!) I got all the empty boxes down from the rafters and into the house, the everyday chicken and rooster pieces unpacked and dusted – ready to go back up onto the blank canvas of the entertainment center. I took a picture before I took it all down so I would know where to put everything, but I think I will rearrange some for a little different look. And the lights are down from the outside of the house.

I also got the studio clean-up started. The day before I succumbed to an awful cold, I pulled about half the stuff out of the studio and loaded it up on the bed in the guest bedroom. So, of course, I immediately developed a hacking cough, and in the name of marital harmony I needed to move into the guest bedroom to sleep (or hack my way through the night. Whatever.) so Mr. Tattered can sleep through the night. I cleaned off half the bed (yeah, it looks a little like an episode of “Hoarders” where the person sleeps in a corner of the room surrounded by piles of STUFF!) so I’d have a place to sleep without having to move EVERYTHING. I have to admit it’s pretty darn funny!

Anyway, 2013 can’t officially start until order is restored!

I’m not quite as prepared for my “happiness project” as I would like to be. It was supposed to start today, and I am in terms of being aware of where my happy is coming from, just not the accompanying paperwork/art. But it will come.

I am also supposed to be starting “Lifebook 2013,” a year long art class given by multiple teachers. It is self-paced, so jumping in late won’t be a problem – just another thing that won’t happen until that slate is CLEAN.

SO…lots to look forward to…but I gotta get that slate scrubbed off first!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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