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An Amazing Gift

Today I received an amazing gift from my precious little granddaughter.

Bea is 4 and she’s my fancy girl. Hannah used to be fancy, but she’s growing up and is more comfortable now in jeans and a shirt. Bea still dresses in tutus and a variety of accessories even to go to the gym. If you want her in pants, you better have a GREAT sales pitch, because otherwise you’re going to have a battle on your hands.


One of Bea’s mantras is that you cannot have enough accessories. AND, your accessories must be in your favorite color.

My favorite color is red. So when decided she was going to make me a bracelet, she knew it needed to be red, and since I love hearts and butterflies, it needed to have those as well.

She designed and strung the bracelet all by herself. Mama’s only contribution was in helping her figure out how long to make it, and tying the elastic for her. Mama told her I would be crazy about it, which when she told me, came out “Mama said you would be crazy at it!”



Yep, I’m crazy at it okay!

But the best part is, she is a jewelry artist! And I own one of her very first creations!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. This is such a special gift to you from your beautiful granddaughter. Lovely.

  2. Her artistic flair is obvious and I’m so glad you are affirming it! You both are receiving precious gifts!

    • Yes, we are! That both girls are artistic amazes me given that interest in art seems to have skipped a generation. I’m glad that their mom supports it even though she has little interest in it herself!



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