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Time Sucks

This is not the first time (nor do I think it will be last) I will post about time sucks. Not “time” sucks (although lack of it does!) but, rather, things that suck your time away without leaving anything of value in its place.

The primary one, of course, being the one I am sitting in front of now.

There are a TON (yes, a literal TON) of things I really want to do. Not just things I need to do, but things that I genuinely want to do. Things that make my heart sing. Things that make me look back at the end of the day and think “Wow! That was a day well spent!”

I cannot remember a day spent in front of the computer that I had that feeling.

Yet here I sit.

Not that I consider blogging a waste of time. I love blogging. I love compiling my thoughts and photos onto my blog page and sharing it with others, much as I would a scrapbook page. But I’m only blogging right now because I have been sitting here playing “poppit” for an hour, switching over to facebook every once in awhile to see what the rest of the world is up to, and it suddenly occurred to me (for the gazzillionth time) that I waste a LOT of time on stuff that doesn’t matter. That, had I spent it more wisely would have amounted to something other than just time passed.

“If you enjoy the time you wasted, it isn’t wasted time”

That saying appeals to me because it validates that my wasted time isn’t REALLY wasted, but does it pass the Pinocchio test? I’m not sure it does. Or at least not in vast quantities.

I’ve often thought I should put a timer next to the computer and click it on every time I start doing something on the computer that isn’t productive. I’m talkin’ here things other than research, answering e-mails, processing photos…the REAL time-wasters – like pinterest, facebook, innumerable political blogs…then I start rationalizing. But…But… I get really good ideas on pinterest, and surely keeping up with friends (or people I barely know) and businesses is not ALL bad. And I need to be politically aware, and I can’t just let the photos sit there unsorted.

In the meantime, my studio is unusable because it is such a mess, it’s the 8th of December and most of my Christmas decorations are still in boxes in the dining room – an 8′ ladder is in the kitchen, and it’s nearly 2pm and I’m still in my pjs. I have no idea what I’m fixing for dinner, I’m picking up the girls in about 3 hours to watch them while mama and daddy go to a Christmas party, and I’m in serious danger of having to wonder where the day went. Again. Hmmmmm…I wonder.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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