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Like a Scrapbook on a Tree

I finally got the ornaments up on the tree. Wow! What a job this year. It’s never a quick process, but with the back and the foot – good grief! Up and down the 8′ ladder over and over (and over and over!) was quite the challenge! But what a fun one… I just LOVE going through the boxes and seeing the years and years of memories. Each ornament represents a friend, a family member, a vacation, a favorite store, even wonderful times spent creating. It’s like a scrapbook on a tree!

Just opening the boxes makes me smile…


Many of the ornaments I made myself…






Some are treasures we bought on vacation, like this one we got in Alaska…


This one Mr. Tattered bought for me at a little year ’round Christmas shop in Alexandria Virginia way back in 1977…


This is my daughter’s 1st Christmas ornament that my mother bought her. Our Irish Setter was a terribly destructive animal. He got into my ornament box, then into a separate box that housed this ornament and chewed it up. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and he ended up getting a new home…the ornament continues to grace our tree every year, fang marks and all!


This is a little reindeer ornament that Hannah and Bea made…isn’t it sweet?


This little bear was lovingly stitched by my daughter when she was about Hannah’s age – her very 1st sewing project.


This is just one of my all time favorites…


…and so is this!


And so is….K, I have to stop or I’ll have you here all day!

I hope you are just as attached to your special ornaments as I am to mine, and that you have time to remember their stories as you decorate!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I love all the pictures of your ornaments. We put up a tree with ornaments that have been made and collected over the years as well. I think the memories are just priceless! Have a happy day – Heidi

  2. This is so wonderful Janet. It is like a scrapbook on a tree. It always amazes me how when I open the boxes of ornaments each year, how old memories come flooding back. Best part of decorating the tree.

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